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Sunday Morning Adult Bible Study Classes

These classes are currently not meeting due to COVID-19.  Please check back for updated information.  Thanks You.

We believe that learning takes place best when the is engaged and involved in the learning process; when they are actively taking part in the lesson.  We have 4 adult Bible Study Classes that use this approach to some degree.  Each class has a different variation on this approach to learning and I will bet there is one that you will like.  Below is a listing of these classes.  Check them out and visit each one.  Chose the one that suits your learning style, and come, discover the Bible and how it is relevant to today and the situations you find yourself in each day.  Know better the Savior, Jesus Christ who can bring you through any of life's challenges.

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Women's Bible Class

This class is for adult women, no men.  While they do have discussion and sharing, this class's learning style is primarily lecture and some teacher-led discussion.  These ladies enjoy their class and would love to have you come and learn with them.

Fellowship Class

As you can see, this is a mixed class.  Its lesson approach is more teacher-led with some discussion.  The lessons are designed to give a solid and deep understanding of the Bible and how it is to be applied to the life situation being presented in the lesson.  These folks really enjoy the class and would love to have you join them.

Fellowship Class II

This class has a little different approach to presenting the lesson. They use teacher-led discussion primarily but also bring in a lot of the historical background as to the culture and practices of the day in which the Bible lesson is set, in order to gain a better understanding of what the writer may have had in mind when penning the scripture.  Again, this class would gladly welcome guests and new members to their class.

Life Talks Class

This class takes still a slightly different approach to learning the scriptures.  It is much more relaxed, as you can see in the picture.  Rather than present the lesson as given in the lesson book, it uses the lesson as a background and springboard to a discussion that is present day, helping the class to have a more Christ-centered approach to life's situations and challenges.  There is plenty of room on the couch and you will be warmly received when you come.

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