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From the Pastor


We describe ourselves as The Church of the Second Chance because that is what God has given us all, a second chance.  Through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, God grants us all a second chance to "get it right" with Him and gives us entrance into His Kingdom.  Since this is true, we also ought to give that second chance to others by extending that same grace, mercy, and forgiveness.  We hold the Bible to be God's inspired Word, true in every way. Therefore, we do not accept nor condone what it calls sin.  However, we also understand that it is not our role to judge the sinner. 

That is God's responsibility.  Our purpose is to share Christ with this dying world and to love those that God brings our way, the same way He loves us.  We strive to be like the Church described in Acts 2, a Church that loves each other, spends time together in worship, builds its life around the Word of God, studying and applying it to our daily lives, and then lets God do His part, which is to "Add daily to the Church those that are being saved."  Our text is the Word of God, the Bible, the inspired, God-Breathed, inerrant word of God.  We do not teach the doctrines of movements, agencies, or non-church groups, especially if the tenets of these "outside" groups or movements are contrary to the Word of God.

Come and visit us.  Spend time getting to know us here on the web.  Email us at to let us know how we can pray for you, your family, and your salvation, or to ask any question you may have.  God loves you and wants you to spend eternity with Him.  It can only happen through a true and sincere, biblical relationship with Jesus Christ, His Son. We will be happy to explain how that can happen to you.  God Bless You!

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